Bulma.io introduction

Looking to discover a new CSS framework to implement into your future projects? You’ve come to the right place. Bulma is a free, open-source CSS framed based on Flexbox and is used by more than 200,00 users. One big key feature is that it is 100% responsive and designed to be mobile-first.

Coming from being a user of Bootstrap, we were tasked to test out a new library and I’m very happy that we came across Bulma. After scrolling through the documentation with my partner, we decided to push forward with implementing this framework into our API based website and it was super enjoyable to use. Not only was the documentation super easy to navigate through, but the implementation was also very smooth as well. The site documentation is short and concise, and I was able to navigate through their features really quickly.

Exploring this framework I’ve discovered a lot of great things that come with Bulma. One of the main things that caught my attention was their responsive design and how the elements of the browser automatically adjust to fit whatever viewpoint the user is viewing the website on. This was a huge plus for me because of the on-going struggles I’ve had with viewport customization in the past. The customization was excellent and I was able to achieve the exact look I was aiming for my website with the use of navigation bars, forms, drop-down menus, and their column system. On top of that, I was surprised to discover how modular their syntax is, I was able to apply styles from buttons onto my text fields and it adapted with ease.

One minimal struggle I had while using this framework was getting used to how they named their rows to be “columns” and their actual column to be “columns”. Once I got used to that specific syntax everything else was a breeze.

Although Bulma hasn’t been around for as long as other CSS frameworks and it may not have all of the features that everyone is searching for, but they are constantly growing. I’m excited to see how they will continue to update their framework and will definitely be using them in future projects. If you’re looking to dabble into new frameworks, Bulma is definitely one to check out!